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VICE ON HBO: Meat Hooked

We investigate two major agricultural issues—the toll that meat production takes on the environment and the continuing depletion of our global water supply. Reporter Isobel Yeung travels to the feedlots, farms, and slaughterhouses where our meat is made to understand how cutting corners to bring down market prices and increase demand can lead to environmental catastrophes.

VICE ON HBO: Countdown to Extinction

 During the last six decades, the boom of industrial fishing has nearly wiped out the top level of the marine food chain, depleting about 90 percent of the world's large predatory fish. While big fishing operations continue to prosper as they go deeper into the ocean, small-scale coastal fishermen continue to seek out new fishing practices to survive. Some have even gone so far as to use such rudimentary practices as dynamite fishing to catch a few fish while wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

VICE ON HBO: Savior Seeds

Genetically modified seeds have been planted around the world and hailed as a solution to global hunger. But these crops, called GMOs for "genetically modified organisms," have also sparked heated protest. Isobel Yeung traced the path of these super-crops from the headquarters of American agribusiness titan Monsanto to the soy fields of Paraguay, and visits the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, high in the Arctic, to see what's truly at stake when humans try to improve on nature.